How to Draw a Lion

In this tutorial, we’re going to draw a fierce lion! Lions are the king of the forest, so make sure your lion looks the part.

If you want to draw this on your computer, but don’t have the software and hardware, download the free softwares below. I use Inkscape to draw all the lines and GIMP to color in my drawings. It’s totally possible to draw with your mouse or laptop touch pad.



We will be drawing guidelines from step 1-7. If you’re drawing this on paper, use very little pressure for these steps because you’ll need to erase them when the drawing is complete.


Step 1:

Draw a medium sized circle for a head and an oval for the lion’s snout.


Step 2:

Give your lion a large body by drawing an oval connected to the head.


Step 3:

Give him two large circles for ears.



Step 4:

Draw a large tear drop shape that wraps around the head and covers up to half of the lion’s body.


Step 5:

Give the lion some narrow hind legs.


Step 6:

Then give him thick, solid front legs.



Step 7:

For the paws, draw two small ovals on the hind legs and 2 larger ovals for the front legs.



Step 8:

Now that we’re done with the guidelines, it’s time to draw the details. Here’s a closeup of the lion’s head. Draw a nose inside the oval, close to the top. Then draw an upside down “Y” to form the slit of the nose and the mouth.



Step 9:

Draw the eyes at the top of the snout. If you’re having difficulty forming the shape of the eye, draw 2 light colored circles as guidelines and then draw around them.

Inside each eye, draw a black circle (pupil) with a white circle (highlight) inside it.



Step 10:

Trace your way around the oval your drew for the snout, but do not trace all the way around.

Then, give your lion a strong jawline and a wavy line on the top of his head.



Step 11:

For the ears, trace around each circle and join your lines together with the outline of the head. Add 2 curved lines for the opening of each ear.



Step 12:

Here comes the fun part! Starting at the top of the mane and working your way down, draw some long, thick and wild fur.



Step 13:

Trace your way around each leg, but do not trace around the ovals.



Step 14:

Now we’re going to draw the paws. Draw each toe in order from left to right for each foot.



Step 15:

Trace around the body of the lion and give him a nice curve at the top of his back. Then, use the guideline for the tail to draw a thick, spade shaped tail.




Step 16:

Erase all your guidelines until you have a clean drawing. Then, color in your lion! Don’t forget to draw the whiskers 🙂

how to draw a lion


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any suggestions for future tutorials, please drop them in the comments below!


How to Draw a T-Rex Dinosaur

Learn how to draw a t-rex with personality in 15 simple steps. The first 8 steps are guidelines, while the rest are for detailing. If you want to draw a t-rex on your computer, but don’t have any software, don’t worry! I use these free softwares to draw and color my tutorials and they’re fairly straightforward:



Let’s begin!

Step 1:

Draw a small circle for the t-rex’s head and a large oval shape for the body.


Step 2:

Add the upper and lower parts of the mouth and draw a small circle for the jaw.


Step 3:

Draw a thick neck by connecting the body and head together using 2 curves. Then, make a long tail connected to the end of the t-rex’s body.


Step 4:

For the leg and arm, we’re going to draw 2 circles on the body – On the left, draw a large circle that takes up almost half of the body. On the right, draw a small circle, smaller than the circle you drew for the jaw in step 2.


Step 5:

Draw a pointy cone shape around the large circle and point the tip towards the left. This is going to be a guideline for the thigh.

Then draw a small cone around the tiny circle and point the tip of that cone to the right. This is going to be the t-rex’s arm.


Step 6:

Draw a downward facing curve coming from the arm. Add a second one for the arm on the other side of the t-rex’s body.

Then draw a simple, long shape with 4 sides to make up the t-rex’s lower legs.


Step 7:

For the feet, draw 2 long triangles attached to each leg and then draw curves that are positioned to the far right.


Step 8:

For the eye, just draw a circle in the upper portion of the face. This circle should be significantly smaller than the circle you drew for the arm.


Step 9:

Now let’s add some details!

Around the circle you just drew, create thick eyelids. After that, draw an almond shape inside the eye and then give the dinosaur a nostril, ear and menacing brow!


Step 10:

Now we’re going to outline the head. Start from the base of the neck and follow the shape you drew for the brow. Give him a unique mouth shape  and don’t forget to draw a partial curve around the jaw.


Step 11:

Give your dinosaur a nice thick tongue at the base and then taper it at the end. Add some large teeth on the top portion of the mouth and a row of smaller teeth on the bottom.


Step 12:

Outline your guidelines for the arms. Give your t-rex some biceps if you want! Remember not to draw around the whole circle.


Step 13:

To draw the legs, use your pre-drawn lines as a rough guideline to draw a set of muscular dinosaur legs. Bring out those calves and round off the knees and heels.

Finally, add the feet with large thick claws.


Step 14:

Trace your way around the body and then draw the tail, making sure the base is nearly as thick as the dinosaur’s behind.


Step 15:

Erase all your guidelines and color your t-rex in!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any requests or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!




How to Draw a Bird

Hi and welcome to Drawin’ Time! In this tutorial, I’m going to show you how to draw a bird sitting on a branch. The first 7 steps are guidelines that we will use for the actual drawing from step 8 and onward.


Step 1:

Draw a dome shape for the bird’s head.



Step 2:

Draw a football-ish shape for the body.



Step 3:

This step is optional. Draw a branch or anything you want for the bird to sit on.



Step 4:

Draw single lines to represent the bird’s leg or legs if you want both legs to be visible. Then, add claws that wrap loosely around the branch.



Step 5:

From the bottom of the bird’s body, add a simple outline for the tail.



Step 6:

Draw a long tear-drop shape for the first wing. For the second wing, draw a long v shape and keep it as close to the bird’s body as possible.



Step 7:

Draw a narrow diamond shape on the face for the beak and add a small circle for the eye. Now we’re done with the guidelines!



Step 8:

Grab a darker shade or color and draw the fur/feathers on the bird’s head. The fur should grow in a direction away from the beak.



Step 9:

Draw a thick arrow shape for the beak. Then draw a line through it to split the beak in two.




Step 10:

Make a thin outline around the circle and color it in black. You can add a white circle inside the eye to make it look glossy.



Step 11:

Time to draw the wings! It looks complicated, but it’s actually very easy and quite a bit of fun.

We’re going to split the large wing up into two sections. Start by outlining the upper half of the wing and fill a large area of that section with short feathers. For the rest of the wing, draw long “U” shapes starting from right to left so they overlap nicely.

For the second wing, draw more “U” shapes and go from top to bottom.



Step 12: Legs

Where the leg comes out of the body, draw some jagged lines for the fur. Then follow your guidelines and draw thin legs with thick claws.



Step 13: Body

Outline the bird’s body and when you get close to the tail, draw some thick feathers that cross over and into the tail section.



Step 14:

Just like what you did with the wings, draw long “U” shaped feathers for the tail. The feathers should be drawn from top to bottom (from right to left).



Step 15:

Erase all your guidelines and, complete your branch or bird feeder, whatever you decided to place the bird on and finally color him in!



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How to Draw a Cat

Hi and welcome to Drawin’ Time! My name’s Darlene and today, I’m going to show you how to draw a cat step by step. First we’re going to start with some basic shapes to form a rough cat shape. Then, we’ll go over the outlines with a darker color or shade, add some details and color the cat.

Let’s begin!


Step 1:

Draw the cat’s head, making it wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom.



Step 2:

Give the cat a jellybean shaped body and connect the head to the body with a fairly thick neck.



Step 3:

Give him some ears!



Step 4:

Draw the 2 front legs and add 2 ovals for paws.

how to draw a cartoon cat


Step 5:

To draw the hind legs, make 2 long ovals and then draw a curve up from the outer leg to form the cat’s thigh.



Step 6:

Finish off the outline by adding a curved tail. It should be thickest at the base and pointy at the end.


Step 7:

Now, we’re going to draw the face. In order to draw symmetrically, we’re going to create some guidelines. Draw 2 lines that intersect at the very center of the head. Then draw lines below the horizontal one to split the bottom of the face into 3 sections.



Step 8:

Draw 2 almond shaped cat eyes on the first horizontal line. Space them a good distance apart.



Step 9:

Under the second horizontal line, draw the nose. The width of the nose should be no wider than the distance between each eye.



Step 10:

Starting from the bottom of the nose, draw the cat’s mouth, taking up the remainder of the space below the nose. Use the last horizontal line as a reference.

Draw 3 rows of dots along the upper mouth.



Step 11:

Add some long, thin whiskers on the cat. Each whisker should be drawn starting at one of the dots you drew in the last step.

Cat’s also have a few whiskers above their eyes, so give them 2-4 short ones per eye.



Step 12:

Now that we’re done with the face, let’s move on to the ears. If you want to draw an especially furry cat, give him more fur around the outer edge of each ear. I gave this cat a few longer furs at the very tips of each ear.



Step 13:

Draw some pointy furs of the sides of the head. For a short haired cat, keep the fur as close to the head and neck outline as possible.



Step 14:

Add some thick fur to the underside of the cat’s body. Make sure you do not draw over the legs closest to you.



Step 15:

If you’re drawing a long haired cat, go crazy with the bushy tail. For this cat, I’m drawing the top part of the tail using a smooth line because the tail is curved upwards, so the fur should be mat.



Step 16:

Define each individual toe on the cat’s paws unless they should be out of view. For this tutorial, the cat’s front paw is rotated towards us, so you can see 3 toes, while the back paw is rotated away, exposing only 2 toes.

Trace along the outline for each leg and draw some tufts of fur at the elbow.



Step 17:

Draw the fur around the hind legs and add details to the exposed paw.



Step 18:

Last step! Erase all your guidelines and give your cat some color!



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How to Draw a Dog

Welcome to Drawin’ Time! My name’s Darlene and I’m going to teach you how to draw a dog in a super easy and fun way. Let’s begin!

Step 1:

Using light colored lines, draw outlines for the dog’s head and then add the body.


Step 2:

Keeping your lines light, draw a line down the center of the head and split it into 4 sections like so.


Step 3:

Under the first horizontal line, draw the eyes using a much darker shade or color. Draw 2 large circles for the and color them black. Draw a thin line around each black circle (iris) and then add 2 tiny white circles inside each pupil.



Step 4:

Under the 2nd horizontal line, draw the nose.



Step 5:

Give the dog some fur around the nose and eyes. Keep your lines well within the boundary of the head. We will draw fur around the dog’s head later.



Step 6:

Draw the tongue, teeth and gums. Along the bottom of the head outline, draw some fur to define the dog’s chin.




Step 7:

Draw light outlines of 2 large floppy ears on either side of the head. We’ll draw the fur later.



Step 8:

Draw the 2 front legs and then add 2 paws!



Step 9:

Draw the dog’s hind legs so it looks like he’s sitting on the ground.



Step 10:

Now that we’ve finished outlines for the whole body, let’s focus more on the details!

Draw some wavy fur at the top of the head and around the ear outlines.



Step 11:

Draw some fur around the head and neck. The more space you leave between the fur and the original outline of the head and body, the longer the fur will appear.



Step 12:

Draw more fur along the outer edges of the upper body.


Step 13:

Draw fur around each of the legs and add some tufts going down the dog’s chest as well.




how to draw a dog DrawinTime


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How to Draw a Nose: Front


Hey! My name is Darlene and this is my very first tutorial on DrawinTime!

This single tutorial will teach you how to draw noses in all shapes and sizes. Are you ready to draw? Let’s begin!


Step 1


Let’s start with the tip of the nose. Draw a small circle with the lightest color or shade that you have.


Step 2


Then draw the bridge of the nose by drawing 2 curves.


Step 3

how to draw noses from the front

In order to draw symmetrical nostrils, we need to draw something that looks like a diamond shape that goes around the circle.

Finally, draw a curve that goes through the very middle of the circle and touches the bottom corners of the diamond shape.


Step 4

drawing noses from the front

This is the last step before we give the nose some color! Use a darker color or shade and follow along the diamond and circle to give the nose some realistic detail.

Step 5

draw nose from the front

Use a skin color to color in the nose. Your outlines from steps 1-3 should still be visible. We will use them for the next step.

Step 6

how to draw a nose from the front

Use a darker color to shade around the bridge and tip of the nose.

Step 7


Use a much lighter color along the bridge and tip of the nose to make it look taller.

Step 8


Blend your colors into each other so the edges don’t look so harsh.


Step 9


If you want to make it a little more realistic, add an even darker color to the bottom of the nose and around the nostrils.

How to draw a nose from the front

Then Blend it in with the rest of the nose!


If you want to draw big, long, skinny or pointy noses, try changing the shapes that make up the nose. Check out the example below:

how to draw different types of noses


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