How to Draw a Cat

Hi and welcome to Drawin’ Time! My name’s Darlene and today, I’m going to show you how to draw a cat step by step. First we’re going to start with some basic shapes to form a rough cat shape. Then, we’ll go over the outlines with a darker color or shade, add some details and color the cat.

Let’s begin!


Step 1:

Draw the cat’s head, making it wider at the top and more narrow at the bottom.



Step 2:

Give the cat a jellybean shaped body and connect the head to the body with a fairly thick neck.



Step 3:

Give him some ears!



Step 4:

Draw the 2 front legs and add 2 ovals for paws.

how to draw a cartoon cat


Step 5:

To draw the hind legs, make 2 long ovals and then draw a curve up from the outer leg to form the cat’s thigh.



Step 6:

Finish off the outline by adding a curved tail. It should be thickest at the base and pointy at the end.


Step 7:

Now, we’re going to draw the face. In order to draw symmetrically, we’re going to create some guidelines. Draw 2 lines that intersect at the very center of the head. Then draw lines below the horizontal one to split the bottom of the face into 3 sections.



Step 8:

Draw 2 almond shaped cat eyes on the first horizontal line. Space them a good distance apart.



Step 9:

Under the second horizontal line, draw the nose. The width of the nose should be no wider than the distance between each eye.



Step 10:

Starting from the bottom of the nose, draw the cat’s mouth, taking up the remainder of the space below the nose. Use the last horizontal line as a reference.

Draw 3 rows of dots along the upper mouth.



Step 11:

Add some long, thin whiskers on the cat. Each whisker should be drawn starting at one of the dots you drew in the last step.

Cat’s also have a few whiskers above their eyes, so give them 2-4 short ones per eye.



Step 12:

Now that we’re done with the face, let’s move on to the ears. If you want to draw an especially furry cat, give him more fur around the outer edge of each ear. I gave this cat a few longer furs at the very tips of each ear.



Step 13:

Draw some pointy furs of the sides of the head. For a short haired cat, keep the fur as close to the head and neck outline as possible.



Step 14:

Add some thick fur to the underside of the cat’s body. Make sure you do not draw over the legs closest to you.



Step 15:

If you’re drawing a long haired cat, go crazy with the bushy tail. For this cat, I’m drawing the top part of the tail using a smooth line because the tail is curved upwards, so the fur should be mat.



Step 16:

Define each individual toe on the cat’s paws unless they should be out of view. For this tutorial, the cat’s front paw is rotated towards us, so you can see 3 toes, while the back paw is rotated away, exposing only 2 toes.

Trace along the outline for each leg and draw some tufts of fur at the elbow.



Step 17:

Draw the fur around the hind legs and add details to the exposed paw.



Step 18:

Last step! Erase all your guidelines and give your cat some color!



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