How to Draw a Dog

Welcome to Drawin’ Time! My name’s Darlene and I’m going to teach you how to draw a dog in a super easy and fun way. Let’s begin!

Step 1:

Using light colored lines, draw outlines for the dog’s head and then add the body.


Step 2:

Keeping your lines light, draw a line down the center of the head and split it into 4 sections like so.


Step 3:

Under the first horizontal line, draw the eyes using a much darker shade or color. Draw 2 large circles for the and color them black. Draw a thin line around each black circle (iris) and then add 2 tiny white circles inside each pupil.



Step 4:

Under the 2nd horizontal line, draw the nose.



Step 5:

Give the dog some fur around the nose and eyes. Keep your lines well within the boundary of the head. We will draw fur around the dog’s head later.



Step 6:

Draw the tongue, teeth and gums. Along the bottom of the head outline, draw some fur to define the dog’s chin.




Step 7:

Draw light outlines of 2 large floppy ears on either side of the head. We’ll draw the fur later.



Step 8:

Draw the 2 front legs and then add 2 paws!



Step 9:

Draw the dog’s hind legs so it looks like he’s sitting on the ground.



Step 10:

Now that we’ve finished outlines for the whole body, let’s focus more on the details!

Draw some wavy fur at the top of the head and around the ear outlines.



Step 11:

Draw some fur around the head and neck. The more space you leave between the fur and the original outline of the head and body, the longer the fur will appear.



Step 12:

Draw more fur along the outer edges of the upper body.


Step 13:

Draw fur around each of the legs and add some tufts going down the dog’s chest as well.




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