How to Draw a Lion

In this tutorial, we’re going to draw a fierce lion! Lions are the king of the forest, so make sure your lion looks the part.

If you want to draw this on your computer, but don’t have the software and hardware, download the free softwares below. I use Inkscape to draw all the lines and GIMP to color in my drawings. It’s totally possible to draw with your mouse or laptop touch pad.



We will be drawing guidelines from step 1-7. If you’re drawing this on paper, use very little pressure for these steps because you’ll need to erase them when the drawing is complete.


Step 1:

Draw a medium sized circle for a head and an oval for the lion’s snout.


Step 2:

Give your lion a large body by drawing an oval connected to the head.


Step 3:

Give him two large circles for ears.



Step 4:

Draw a large tear drop shape that wraps around the head and covers up to half of the lion’s body.


Step 5:

Give the lion some narrow hind legs.


Step 6:

Then give him thick, solid front legs.



Step 7:

For the paws, draw two small ovals on the hind legs and 2 larger ovals for the front legs.



Step 8:

Now that we’re done with the guidelines, it’s time to draw the details. Here’s a closeup of the lion’s head. Draw a nose inside the oval, close to the top. Then draw an upside down “Y” to form the slit of the nose and the mouth.



Step 9:

Draw the eyes at the top of the snout. If you’re having difficulty forming the shape of the eye, draw 2 light colored circles as guidelines and then draw around them.

Inside each eye, draw a black circle (pupil) with a white circle (highlight) inside it.



Step 10:

Trace your way around the oval your drew for the snout, but do not trace all the way around.

Then, give your lion a strong jawline and a wavy line on the top of his head.



Step 11:

For the ears, trace around each circle and join your lines together with the outline of the head. Add 2 curved lines for the opening of each ear.



Step 12:

Here comes the fun part! Starting at the top of the mane and working your way down, draw some long, thick and wild fur.



Step 13:

Trace your way around each leg, but do not trace around the ovals.



Step 14:

Now we’re going to draw the paws. Draw each toe in order from left to right for each foot.



Step 15:

Trace around the body of the lion and give him a nice curve at the top of his back. Then, use the guideline for the tail to draw a thick, spade shaped tail.




Step 16:

Erase all your guidelines until you have a clean drawing. Then, color in your lion! Don’t forget to draw the whiskers 🙂

how to draw a lion


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any suggestions for future tutorials, please drop them in the comments below!

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