How to Draw a Nose: Front


Hey! My name is Darlene and this is my very first tutorial on DrawinTime!

This single tutorial will teach you how to draw noses in all shapes and sizes. Are you ready to draw? Let’s begin!


Step 1


Let’s start with the tip of the nose. Draw a small circle with the lightest color or shade that you have.


Step 2


Then draw the bridge of the nose by drawing 2 curves.


Step 3

how to draw noses from the front

In order to draw symmetrical nostrils, we need to draw something that looks like a diamond shape that goes around the circle.

Finally, draw a curve that goes through the very middle of the circle and touches the bottom corners of the diamond shape.


Step 4

drawing noses from the front

This is the last step before we give the nose some color! Use a darker color or shade and follow along the diamond and circle to give the nose some realistic detail.

Step 5

draw nose from the front

Use a skin color to color in the nose. Your outlines from steps 1-3 should still be visible. We will use them for the next step.

Step 6

how to draw a nose from the front

Use a darker color to shade around the bridge and tip of the nose.

Step 7


Use a much lighter color along the bridge and tip of the nose to make it look taller.

Step 8


Blend your colors into each other so the edges don’t look so harsh.


Step 9


If you want to make it a little more realistic, add an even darker color to the bottom of the nose and around the nostrils.

How to draw a nose from the front

Then Blend it in with the rest of the nose!


If you want to draw big, long, skinny or pointy noses, try changing the shapes that make up the nose. Check out the example below:

how to draw different types of noses


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