How to Draw a T-Rex Dinosaur

Learn how to draw a t-rex with personality in 15 simple steps. The first 8 steps are guidelines, while the rest are for detailing. If you want to draw a t-rex on your computer, but don’t have any software, don’t worry! I use these free softwares to draw and color my tutorials and they’re fairly straightforward:



Let’s begin!

Step 1:

Draw a small circle for the t-rex’s head and a large oval shape for the body.


Step 2:

Add the upper and lower parts of the mouth and draw a small circle for the jaw.


Step 3:

Draw a thick neck by connecting the body and head together using 2 curves. Then, make a long tail connected to the end of the t-rex’s body.


Step 4:

For the leg and arm, we’re going to draw 2 circles on the body – On the left, draw a large circle that takes up almost half of the body. On the right, draw a small circle, smaller than the circle you drew for the jaw in step 2.


Step 5:

Draw a pointy cone shape around the large circle and point the tip towards the left. This is going to be a guideline for the thigh.

Then draw a small cone around the tiny circle and point the tip of that cone to the right. This is going to be the t-rex’s arm.


Step 6:

Draw a downward facing curve coming from the arm. Add a second one for the arm on the other side of the t-rex’s body.

Then draw a simple, long shape with 4 sides to make up the t-rex’s lower legs.


Step 7:

For the feet, draw 2 long triangles attached to each leg and then draw curves that are positioned to the far right.


Step 8:

For the eye, just draw a circle in the upper portion of the face. This circle should be significantly smaller than the circle you drew for the arm.


Step 9:

Now let’s add some details!

Around the circle you just drew, create thick eyelids. After that, draw an almond shape inside the eye and then give the dinosaur a nostril, ear and menacing brow!


Step 10:

Now we’re going to outline the head. Start from the base of the neck and follow the shape you drew for the brow. Give him a unique mouth shape ¬†and don’t forget to draw a partial curve around the jaw.


Step 11:

Give your dinosaur a nice thick tongue at the base and then taper it at the end. Add some large teeth on the top portion of the mouth and a row of smaller teeth on the bottom.


Step 12:

Outline your guidelines for the arms. Give your t-rex some biceps if you want! Remember not to draw around the whole circle.


Step 13:

To draw the legs, use your pre-drawn lines as a rough guideline to draw a set of muscular dinosaur legs. Bring out those calves and round off the knees and heels.

Finally, add the feet with large thick claws.


Step 14:

Trace your way around the body and then draw the tail, making sure the base is nearly as thick as the dinosaur’s behind.


Step 15:

Erase all your guidelines and color your t-rex in!


I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! If you have any requests or suggestions, please let me know in the comments below!



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